Easter in Disneyland

IMG_9246The crowds at times were plenty but not unbearable. Don’t get me wrong there were plenty of people visiting. On top of the regular theme park visitors there were an equal amount of people visiting for Disney’s Food and Wine Festival as well as the Disney Easter Egg Hunt Extravaganza. My point is there were lots of people and plenty to do. IMG_9150.JPG

The weather was sunny and comfortable with temperatures in the upper 70’s for the high and mid 50’s for the low. My choice of comfy walking shoes were low-cut Converse in Cinderella blue. I spent Saturday in both Disneyland and California Adventure parks from about 10 a.m. until just before midnight.

There were plenty of Easter decorations and spring flowers to make one like myself excited about the upcoming longer days and warmer weather.


I had a ticket for the food and wine festival and this would my 3rd time attending but unfortunately this time I was very not impressed with the selections. Out of all I tasted my favorites were the grilled asparagus Caesar salad and a the Blackmarket Brewing Co., Cherry Gose a cherry beer that was tart and refreshing.IMG_9149Disneyland turned out to be a great place to visit to celebrate Easter. It was under an 8 hour drive for me so I’ll be back home early enough to get some rest to start the workweek refreshed come Monday.


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  1. Was there in 93. Loved it. Incredible place. Skated in that carpark a bit. For us Aussie skaters we had never heard of it being illegal to skate on the footpath anywhere. Bizarre. 180° No Comply grinds are very important to some of us.

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    1. Was the Indiana Jones ride open when you visited? It’s my favorite ride. Would you visit again if you could or would you rather visit somewhere new? Were you a decent skater? Thanks for sharing that tidbit from your experience. I saw a group of very good skateboards who were just skating by not bothering anyone and actually being very curtious get stopped by security and told that they couldn’t skate in an area away from the crowds ect. I was thinking “then where can they skate?”.


      1. I was half decent. I was pretty good actually. I don’t think Indianna Jones was open in 93. A new Star Wars ride was. I can’t remember much. I was sort of in psychosis and your drinking age being 21 made life really difficult. I liked the Candy store and Coca Cola took me to a restaurant in Disneyland where I had lobster soup. That was incredible. As good as the clam chowder on the pier in San Francisco.

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      2. Your talking about Star Tours and it’s still there. They’ve updated the ride over the years and recently again as Finn and Poe Dameron appear in the ride. I wonder if Coca Cola got you into the exclusive Club 33 to eat? Not many people have eaten there. The confectionary is one of my favorite places and I always have to stop there before leaving the park. Yup, drinking age here is 21 so I supposed you were not 21 when you visited. Clam chowder…I’ve never tried it…I have a weird thing about seafood. I won’t eat it or try it because I think about what the creatures look like alive (prior to consumption).


      3. My father serviced corporate sponsors and had one of the major contracts with Coke. Since those days the ACB became CA and as executives were terminated so was Coke for Pepsi and McDonald’s for KFC.
        Me losing my mind and none of them caring when my brother got killed is all a fantasy story in the background. Unfortunately I was right about David Warner from first assessment exactly as I was about a CEO of the AFL when he came in.
        I tended to land some good kick flip tricks and got real close to getting a McTwist off concrete transition.
        Last time I saw Ben he was going to the US the next day to claim #2 and I was being involuntarily committed. Everyone was up him thinking he had made it and I would be dead soon.
        That was 93. Did Josh Swindle ever make it out of Mexico?


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