Mount San Jacinto

IMG_9124.JPGAnother road trip to sunny California filled with great music, miles of asphalt and this time not so many of the usual junk food snacks because of a low carb diet I’m on. I swapped the Flaming Hot Cheetos for plain almonds and any soft drink for water and it wasn’t so bad.

About halfway to my destination near Palm Springs, just after Coachella, Interstate-10 meanders passed a windmill farm that always reminds me of an epic YouTube video of an exploding windmill. The back drop for the lucky windmills is a majestic mountain called Mount San Jacinto. Today the peak was capped with snow and appeared to be more majestic than all the other times I’ve seen it. It made me curious enough to Google it and learned lots of things about which I shared with hiking enthusiasts back home. It stands at 10,833 feet. The steep escarpment climbs 10,000 feet in just 7 miles and it hosts the famous Cactus to Clouds hiking trail.

I won’t be doing the hike myself this weekend because it wasn’t in my plans but I am going to spend this weekend celebrating Easter in my own way. Exploring and learning something new.

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      1. Great to hear. Must be spring there and MLB has started. My D-Backs should have beat Colorado 3-0
        Good luck for your summer approaching x

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      2. Spring is here and the mercury is rising. Are you able to watch the Dbacks games there? That might be a dumb question 😐. I feel the summer will be a good one. I’m hoping your winter will be too.


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