Day 7 – Let’s Make a Pizza in 60 Seconds

The work trend around this time of year usually tends to be quiet, but as luck would have it, I've been incredibly busy! I'm not complaining because it just means that I'm hitting the ground running into the new year! My Day 7 video blog was filmed this past Monday, I have a couple of... Continue Reading →

Day-6 I Visit a Life Size Gingerbread House!

It's a Sunday on Day 6 of my YouTube video blog. It's the day after the Christmas party, and although I'm sore from dancing as well as tired from my late night, I manage to find the strength to straighten up the house then venture out to check out the life size gingerbread house at a... Continue Reading →

More Vlogging Day 5 – Grocery Shopping and Going to a Christmas Party

We’ve arrived at Day 5 of my video blog.Wow! I’ve almost completed a full week! I’m still having trouble with audio so I’ve had to voice over some portions of video. I’ve learned so much about vlogging from just making 5 short YouTube videos, BUT there still there is still so much more to learn!... Continue Reading →

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