Ed Sheeran: 2018 North American Stadium Tour CENTURYLINK FIELD

It was a mild dash to the hotel after exploring Pike Street. I quickly changed clothes, refreshed my perfume and ditched my purse before heading back out. Alas, I was on my way to see Ed Sheeran!  I drove back over Lake Washington through the woods, changed highways somewhere in the middle and then I... Continue Reading →

Day 9: Amsterdam To The U.S.

Better late than never! It's Saturday as I start to write this from my bedroom. I'm now back home. My scrape from the bicycle crash looks worse than day 1 but it's healing as are my bruises. I've had a case of jet lag that has made catching up difficult until now. I'll rewind a couple... Continue Reading →

Benefits Of Learning An Instrument

I read that children aren't the only ones who can reap the benefits of learning an instrument. Adults can also gain tremendously from playing a musical instrument. Music has been shown to reduce stress, increase productivity, develop creativity and build confidence. I bought myself a guitar about a month ago because I was determined to... Continue Reading →

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