Making Koala Mittens

Recent heavy rain in Australia brought some much-needed bush fire relief. For months, the country has been battling its worst bush fire crisis in decades, seeing two dozen people killed, numerous homes destroyed, entire communities evacuated and displaced, and 1.25 billion animals killed (not counting those that are injured or left homeless by the destruction of their habitats).

Knitters, sewers and crocheters from around the globe have stepped up to aid the animals who have survived the fires but are now facing injuries. They are helping to make supplies desperately need by Australian animal rescues. Those supplies included bat wraps, blankets, joey pouches, koala mittens and more.

Recently, Animal Rescue Craft Guild, a group of Australian crafters who create goods for animals in need year round, have reported that, for the time being,  have received enough koala mittens, bat wraps and pillows. For those who would like to contribute, the Animal Rescue Craft Guild provides patterns and tips for the animal rescue crafts needed and also has an updated list of the crafts they need on their Facebook page.

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