I Love Fashion

Fashion is defined as “a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior,” but there is so much more to it than what the definition explains. The items of clothing we chose to wear are often times our most powerful and apparent forms of personal expression. What we choose to wear tells everyone what type of person we are and what we think of ourselves. Fashion shows are an entertaining spectacle unlike any other kind of performance art while boosting the economy and creating jobs for a huge number of people, from the designer who sketches the original concepts, to the outfitter who manufactures the clothing, to the salesperson who sells the garment to us.

There is the undeniable fact that fashion makes life more beautiful than it truly is, by making people look and/or feel more beautiful than they otherwise might. Fashion is one of the art forms that allows people of all genders, races, sizes, backgrounds, walks of life to feel good about themselves and allows them to look their best. There’s something incredibly idealistic about fashion in the sense that it visualizes things in the best possible light. But there’s also that part of fashion that seeks to challenge social norms of beauty; it wants to change the collective eye and propose new ideas of what beauty can be. Unlike any other art form, the beauty that is often created in fashion is incredibly short lived, it’s a moment.

With that being said, my daily video blog discusses 10 fashion trends to try or keep an eye out for!

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