Day 16 – Furniture Shopping

Remember In my first video blog when I mentioned that I needed to order a bed for the guest bedroom before my mother arrives for Christmas? Well, I just barely got around to ordering the bed, but it was only because wasn’t able to complete my order online.

I made a trip to the furniture store that was over saturated with farmhouse style furnishings. I wondered why there was so much farmhouse and practically nothing else to choose from? It made me wonder how long fads stay. I turned to Google to see if could get an idea of how long the farmhouse style would be sticking around.

According to an article I read, farmhouse style along with a few others are on their way out of being trendy. Honestly though, I don’t think my home has a consistent style. I sort of go by what looks good and feels comfy to me. That is fad that can I be okay with for the long term.


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