Day 3- Thursday, Topgolf and Nighttime Hiking

I just made it through a busy weekend filled with attending a company Christmas party, a hosted game night which included making fondue, and a Sunday spent looking at Christmas decorations at a local hotel. Considering how busy my weekend was, you’d think that I’d fall fast asleep, but surprisingly it took some tossing, turning then adjusting my pillow just right before I was out like a light.

The Christmas party that I attended on Saturday was another good one complete with delicious food, a live band and festive decorations. The company parties are always an opportunity for me to catch up with colleagues that I don’t see often. It was a full night of merriment that included dancing, lots of laughs and more content for an upcoming vlog!

Speaking of vlogs, my Day 3 vlog is up on my YouTube channel. Day 3 is a recap of my Thursday which included a work-lunch field trip to Topgolf  then a nighttime hike in the crisp, very dark desert.

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