Day 2 of My Video Blog, Can Paper Catch On Fire in the Microwave?

98311935-A8FC-472D-A863-D6C537E6F59FI just finished putting together my second video blog. I’ve noticed that I need to be a little louder in order for my voice to be heard clearly in the clips that I film. I know that I purposely try to be on the quiet side for fear that someone may see me recording and think that I’m weird. It’s that negative self talk that so many of us, no matter how confident we are battle on a daily basis. It could also be that filming myself is new to me. I’ve also noticed that there is excitement to make normal daily tasks interesting.

Some argue that social media and cell phones take people away from enjoying the moment in front of them. I have discovered that filming has allowed me to look a little deeper into what I’m doing in the moment because of the fact that I’m capturing it on a recording.

In my Day 2 video I share more of my Nutrisystem meal selections, show you a glimpse of the Arizona weather, I ask whether a paper napkin can catch fire in the microwave, I visit a local Christmas light display and much more.

By the way, did you know that Snoop Dog and Martha Stewart are friends?!

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