My 30 Day Video Blog Experiment

I’m a woman with an incredible sense of adventure, a drive to be successful and a passion for travel. While in pursuit of all of those things plenty of things happen in everyday life. Have you ever been asked how you day was? I have, my answer is usually a one word response. The truth is that so much more happens during the day, that in itself deserves more than one word. We can choose to get through each day or we can choose to live it. On a normal basis I’m not doing anything spectacular, but one thing is certain, 99% of the time I choose to find adventure in the normal stuff. My 30 day video blog will chronicle what goes on in regular life for me.

Today is my fourth day of filming daily snippets although today is my first post on YouTube. As with anything new, there is a learning curve, but someone once said “knowledge is power”, right?

In preparation for starting my 30 day video blog experiment, I didn’t buy any special equipment. I’m only using my iPhone along with the help of a free editing app. In just four days I have felt myself become more creative. I also find myself structuring what I do outside of work which has allowed me to feel as though I have more time on my hands. I’m finding new things to explore near me, many of which don’t cost anything which has led me to get out of the house, even when the sun goes down just after 5 o’clock! If you’ve ever considered video blogging then you should. Please share it with me. I’d like nothing more than to tune into what you have to share!

You can find my first video on YouTube: TheGirlWithAQuirkySide. I’ll admit that my first video isn’t perfect, FAR from perfect actually. I strive to improve over the next 30 days or at the very minimum grow from this new experience.

3 thoughts on “My 30 Day Video Blog Experiment

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      1. Haha you might just inspire me to do so! I’ve got a few videos on my blog of me already. Why not go down this route for a little experiment!

        You never know…Could pop up and surprise you!


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