Day 7 – Shannon-Ireland, London-England ALAS Paris-France!

The clouds began to part way as the aircraft descended closer to Irish soil. I had never seen so many shades of green in my life. It looked as if Mother Earth had tucked Ireland nice and taught underneath a beautiful quilt of the finest green patches. The tires of the plane screeched as the rubber met the tarmac to welcome the early risers. With wheels on the ground I disengaged my phone from airplane mode but there was no signal. My phone would only operate with WiFi or a 2G connection to which there was none. Since I could not check on the status of my checked bag via the airline app, I’d just wait for it inside like everyone else.

Many suitcases paraded around the arrival belt but none of them mine. I personally wasn’t surprised considering I had made a drastic change to my itinerary at the last minute. I wasn’t too concerned because I had prepared myself for this situation when I repacked my belongings in Hawaii a couple of days ago. Most of my Parisian necessities were with me in my carry-on. After (quickly) completing a lost luggage claim ticket I rushed to the gate where I boarded a short hour flight to London.Once again I scoped out the luggage carousel just in case my suitcase was miraculously re-routed but it wasn’t. C’est la vie.

Now this is a silly thing for me to rave about in regards to traveling to Europe but let me tell you that I love that the public bathroom stalls are so BIG and private! It was so roomy that I was able to comfortably clean up and change clothes in an airport once again.

By now I was just hours away from finally boarding a flight to Paris, France. I spent 2 of the last 3 nights sleeping on airplanes as I traveled from Hawaii to London. I fell asleep so quickly on last night’s flight that I slept through dinner and breakfast the following morning. Needless to say that by this time I was definitely ready for a meal so I had a tasty beet salad at Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food at London Heathrow Airport.

Finally! I boarded my British Airways flight and less than 2 hours later I was finally in Paris! I arrived in Paris around 8 pm which was deceiving because the sun had still not set. Elated to be in the City of Light I could care less about where my suitcase was. I purchased a train ticket to the Gare Du Nord station then walked the rest of the way to Hotel Brittany located in the Opera District. My eyes were red from being tired but I still managed to snap some pictures on my walk to the hotel. Along the way I stopped by a quaint neighborhood market to pick up dinner, Sanpellegrino and a banana.

I checked into the hotel about midnight. I was officially exhausted!

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