Day 6 – NYC Detour Before Paris

It was day 6 of my trip. I was still in the United States as a result of not getting on the evening flight the night before but when life gives you lemons then you make lemonade! Perhaps I was losing a day in France but the fact of the matter was that I was still on vacation. I was all packed to vacation somewhere or anywhere for that matter so I decided I was going to seize the day! It had been a while since I had explored the Big Apple. I’ve been to NYC twice before and had still not seen Central Park, so why not take a stroll through Central Park on a summer day?

The Holiday Inn had a complimentary airport shuttle so I made my way back to Newark Airport. I paid a small feel to check my bags into a United Airlines holding facility before purchasing a ticket aboard the Newark Airport Express en route to Times Square. It was about a 45 minute ride into the Big City which left for about 3.5 hours to explore before having make my way back to the airport. The shuttle drop off was at 41st Street near 9th Avenue. From there it was a short walk to Times Square filled the sights, sounds and smells of NYC. The city managed to amaze me like it did the first time I visited.

After snacking on a real NY pretzel I made my way to Central Park to stroll, people watch and experience a very hot and humid summer day. Geez! Was it humid! I kept hoping that I’d encounter one of those opened fire hydrants spewing water like in the movies. I’m used to dry heat but the humidity was so much worse! I managed to cover lots of ground in my short trip that included eating a NY pretzel, visiting John Lennon’s memorial at Strawberry Fields-Central Park, seeing Dana and Louis’ apartment from the original Ghostbusters movie, had light lunch at Tavern on The Green, said hello to a gigantic Central Park squirrel and saw lots of rich dogs being walked by hired dog walkers.

When my allocated time in the city came to an end it was a rush back to Newark airport to see if I’d be lucky enough to catch a flight to Paris. I retrieved my luggage, checked in my suitcase for the international flight, went through airport security then changed clothes again so that I could change out of shorts and into something a little more appropriate for flying. Once at the gate, to my dismay, it appeared that the likelihood of actually getting on the flight to Paris looked slim to none or more like NONE.

I quietly thought to myself that perhaps visiting Paris this time just wasn’t in the cards for me this trip. After all I had just come all this way after spending some time on a tropical island. I was preparing myself with being OK with just going home early. I did want to see Paris perform her concert in France but if I couldn’t then we could always visit together another time.

There were 2 flights leaving for Paris from Newark. I did not make it on the first one. I didn’t make it on the second flight to Paris either but thanks to to some out of the box thinking I boarded a flight to Shannon, Ireland. It wasn’t France but it was so much closer than Newark, New Jersey.

So, I’d spend another night on an airplane BUT I was finally on my way to Europe and was as happy as could be. I would fly all night before landing on the Emerald Isle en route to my final destination Paris, France.

I could rest now, so before the plane even left the tarmac I was out like a light. I slept the entire way to Ireland. After-all I had an incredibly busy week before.

Everything should be smooth sailing the rest of the journey, right?28E15CC6-3FC0-48B7-B342-30E7239D3403

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