Day 5- Flying Somewhere Over the U.S.


I gave the outside of the airplane a secret pat as I crossed the threshold to get onboard. I found my seat complete and waiting for me with a tiny airplane pillow and shrink wrapped blanket. This little spot would be my bed for the evening. I tucked my backpack and purse under the seat in front of me, clicked my seat seatbelt shut then turned on my music to play in my wireless earbuds. My music of choice for this part was the Sam Smith Spotify channel. Sam was the perfect crooner to get me into a mood to relax and sleep. I remember seeing faint lights from boats on the water as the plane flew out of Kona.

About 7 hours later it was as if Sam Smith stopped serenading me so that I could hear the captain wake me by informing me (via intercom) that we were now making our decent into Denver. I landed safely at the Denver International Airport about 6 am then rushed through the triple lane people mover (Yes, Denver International is a HUGE airport) to check into my 7:25 am flight to Newark, NJ but there would be no luck with getting on that flight. There was no room to accommodate any other passengers.

As luck would have it, I became the lucky recipient of a 4 hour maintenance delay which would cause me to be almost 2 hours late for my connection to PARIS-DE-GAULLE. There was nothing I do could except depend on Mr. Smith to serenade me to sleep until I could arrive in Newark to see if by chance I could hop on the last flight out of there for Paris.

HELLO Newark! I landed, rushed to the gate in hopes of there being room for more passengers but the odds were against me again. I would not be anywhere near Europe this night. The flight that I could not get on was one of the last flights of the evening from Newark Airport. We found a great deal for a single night stay at the Ramada Inn hotel near the airport which included a free airport shuttle. Almost nothing sounded better than a hot shower and comfy bed UNTIL I got to the hotel and saw that the hotel restaurant had a happy hour! It was almost midnight but the bar/eatery was still open! I secured a table then ordered a G & T and the meatball appetizer. Perhaps I was just really hungry but that meatball was the best meatball I have ever tasted in my life!

No longer hangry I made my way up to my room for a hot shower and good nights sleep. Paris could wait until tomorrow because I had no other choice!


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