Day 4 – Lava Fields, Buddha Point, Mahalo Hawaii

The first segment of my holiday was coming to an end, soon I would be on my way to the City of Light, Paris, France! I was a bit sad to be bidding farewell to Hawaii but also very excited to be heading to Europe.

So I was mistaken with how many nights I’d be spending in Hawaii. My fourth night was not going to be in a hotel in Hawaii. I would be spending my fourth night on an airplane somewhere over the Pacific Ocean en route to Newark, NJ to catch my evening connection to Paris the following day. It sounds exhausting and a little confusing traveling back in time and then forward again through different time zones but I have mastered falling asleep in an airplane even before the flight takes off ,so sleeping on an airplane wouldn’t be a problem for me.

I still had an entire day to spend in Hawaii before having to be at the airport at 6 pm. I woke up early but not as early as the two days before as my internal clock seemed be getting accustomed to Hawaiian time. After breakfast I took all of the dirty laundry to the hotel laundromat so that I could wash it all in preparation to repack the suitcase for my trip to France. I didn’t want sand all over the clothes I wanted to wear in Paris. I packed most of my clothing options for my Euro segment in my carry on. I was determined to not let lost luggage ruin my trip should my suitcase decide to take a vacation of its own as it did last year. Since I was combining a beach location and worldly city in the same trip, I packed each of my outfits in a gallon Ziploc bag to keep everything orderly. It worked so well that I will be using this tactic again in the near future.

Things I still wanted to do and see in Hawaii:

  • Find Buddha Point and take a photo of Buddha
  • Purchase souvenirs
  • Purchase a loaf of Hawaiian sweet bread to take with me
  • Purchase some essentials for my next segment (scissors to trim bangs, nail polish, nail file
  • See the black lava fields from the lookout point


The smell of the air, the trade-winds, the velvet green cliffs, the lava rocks, the amazing blue water, and the Aloha spirit that permeates the soul is Hawaii. The massive and impressive lava fields were unlike anything I had ever seen before. I managed to also find Buddha point after walking the grounds of the massive hotel. I lingered at Buddha point for awhile just listening to the waves crash against the black lava rock. My time on the island had now dwindled down to a couple of hours. I needed to start making my way to Kona so that the car could be filled up with gas, returned to the rental place and then be at the airport in time for my flight.

Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport at Keahole is the easiest most charming airport that I have ever been to. Getting through security was a breeze. Before I knew it I was through security sitting on a bench listening to Hawaiian music being piped through the hidden speakers. Since the airport was an outdoor style airport there was no air conditioning. Even though the sun was setting the air was still humid so I took note of what everyone else was doing and treated myself to an ice cream bar to cool off. The time had come for me to board my airplane. After a short walk across the tarmac and up some stairs I was off to the mainland to catch my flight connections to France.

I’ll be back soon Hawaii!3FA07A51-AC5C-4559-9607-E8D4B3C16C2B

Mega Resort or Boutique Hotel?

The grounds of the Hilton Waikoloa Village are behemoth spanning over 62 acres! With 13 restaurants, 12 shops, three swimming pools, six tennis courts, a massive spa, two golf courses, a putting course, its own museum and lagoon… if it weren’t on the Big Island,  which has so many other amazing things to see and do, you’d scarcely need to leave.

At one point the Hilton was running a sale which meant that I could have stayed there for about $150 dollars more than where I stayed but with that being said the Hilton also had an additional $25 per day resort fee which the Kona Seaside Hotel did not have. The Hilton is a beachfront hotel that is tucked away from everything else. The Kona Seaside Hotel was within walking distance to historical locations, beaches, restaurants and shopping. Where should you stay? I suppose it depends on what you want to do while on the island.

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