From Idea To Reality

The idea of starting a podcast transitioned into becoming an actual podcast. Our podcast is like a variety show with 4 hosts; Grant, Igor, Michael and myself. We discuss various topics and we answer seeking advice questions.  Finding people who wanted to create a podcast with me was easy but coming up with a name was a little more difficult. Alas we settled on One Girl Four Mics.

We then narrowed down our podcast description and came up with:

It’s easy to find humor in the happenings of everyday life. Each week three men and a lady share their humorous adventures of everyday life. They make humor of the mundane and even answer requests for advice. Sometimes raising eyebrows, every now and then throwing shade but always having a good time. Email us at for advice, questions or comments then tune to hear our responses!
The next step was to have some suitable podcast art that would meet the requirements for various platforms. I have to say that for me this part was lots of fun. There are so many talented artists from all over the world who submitted entries. We hosted a contest for podcast artwork on a website called We posted our contest, prize amount, a description of what we were looking for and a photo of each one of us.
I need a square vector (3000×3000) Podcast cover design. The podcast is called One Girl Four Mics. We are a humorous variety show that consists of 1 woman 3 men, total of 4 microphones. We talk about life, answer advice letters and in real life we all work in the same office. I thought about maybe making our faces into cartoon type faces but I’m not committed to having to have that. We are open to any design you can imagine. I’ve included some pictures of Marissa, Igor, Grant and Michael.

These are some of the wonderful podcast art entries that we received.

We went with Anchor as our hosting platform because it allows us to create, distribute and host our podcast. Anchor is also compatible with other listening platforms so that we can move into other larger listening platforms such as Spotify which we successfully launched on last week.

So far we’ve been recording and launching a new episode once a week. There are many things that we still need to learn and fine tune but in the meantime we are enjoying ourselves and keeping the art of conversation alive.

If you’d like to listen to a sample of our podcast you can click on the link below!

Episode 1

In this episode Igor finally fills us in on the details of the San Diego bachelor party he organized. The Ukrainian Train shares his favorite grooming tip. Grant and Marissa inquire about the “one that got away” from Igor. We learn that if the stars align to make it possible then Grant and Lisa Frank may cross paths again. We attempt to understand how Grant morphed into an anime character and we answer a seeking advice email about a proposal gone wrong.

This podcast is available on…

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