Absolutely Nothing

We’ve coined ourselves The 3 Musketeers. Recently Igor, Michael and I have found ways to amuse ourselves by adding some humor to the ever-present pressure of our careers. Over the last few weeks we managed to find a way to squeeze an 8.5 foot tall Christmas tree into my hybrid, taste test Krakus cookies from Poland and we even learned how to bowl like Vikings.

With that being said it wasn’t out of the ordinary when Igor came into my office and asked if I knew how to Skibidi? “Do I know how to what?” I asked. After a short explanation he determined that it was better if I just sit back to watch. Within seconds we were both watching a YouTube of Little Big, a Russian rave band that thinks of itself as satirical. For 3 minutes and 13 seconds we watched every possible body do a jig that includes crossing and recrossing your arms while lifting up your legs in time with the beat. When the video finished I turned to Igor and said “WE NEED TO DO THIS!”.

10 days after the video was released it had more than 23 million views on the official YouTube video. The creators were aiming to make the dance go viral. If you’re interested in joining the #skibidichallenge-just film how you do the Skibidi dance and include the #skibidichallenge hashtag then post it on your YouTube and Instagram.

What does skibidi mean in Russian? Absolutely nothing.

Skibidi ua-papa

Skibidi ua-papa-papa

Skibidi-ua-papa-papa-papa-papa Skibidi papa



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