Purpose vs Pleasure

With so many demands on our lives it becomes far too easy to lose sight of our life’s ambition. I’m constantly adding tasks to my to-do list at work. The tasks that are extra important get put on post-it notes. When some the tasks are ultra important, I stick the post-it note somewhere eye level within my office to ensure that it will get my attention instead of getting lost amidst the myriad of other demands. As I work away about my normal day my mind puts post-it notes all over inside my head with reminders of what I need to do after work like.

We feel on call 24/7 with all of the demands on our time. In addition to that, for many including myself, there is relentless pressure for ever-greater achievements in our professional and personal lives. Therefor I’ve been in search of learning ways to manage it all. In order to not lose sight of our life ambitions or our sense of self. I’ve learned that we must create time and space for the important.

Simplify Your Commitments

It’s good practice to regularly access our commitments. Writing down our weekly and monthly commitments is a useful way to accomplish this. Seeing everything written down will help establish what is important to us. Establish a habit to protect your time because when you remove the things that no longer add value to your life then you make space for the things that bring you joy.

Establish Your Goals

The feeling of being overwhelmed is common when we are faced with too many goals at once. Think about the long-term goals you’d like to accomplish and list them in order of priority. Working on a single goal at once will give clearer focus.

Add Structure To Your Time

By narrowing down commitments and prioritizing goals we will have simplified our routine and commitments to something more manageable. Make a habit of working on your goal at the same time of day. For most people, mornings seem to be when we are most focused.

We can involve other people to hold us accountable because when we do this it helps bring the goal to life. Eliminate the time wasters such as checking social media, looking at emails, watching television etc. Eliminating distractions will help to keep one focused and being aware of our weaknesses will help us stay on track.

Last but not least, celebrate your achievements! Taking a rest for your mind and body will help prepare us for the next goal on the list.

I know that this is all easier said than done but it’s my plan to assist me with the goals I’ve set for 2019. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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