Pre-Halloween Festivities

I don’t know when or how “Trunk or Treat” became a thing but it seems to be very popular now. In all honesty, I really didn’t know what it was until my sister called me (excitedly) last Friday to tell me that she had signed us up to participate in one. The event was held last night, considering this was our first time participating in something like it, I’d say our trunk was a success, mostly because of the attention that the dog received (joking).


It was lunchtime at work and I needed to make a trip to Costco to buy some Halloween candy. I invited and was joined by Igor and Michael my work colleagues who were happy to accompany me so that they could take advantage of Costco’s free samples. I left a “BE BACK SOON” note on the front door for the contractor who was supposed to be installing quartz countertops at the office before hopping into my car for the short ride. The parking lot was jam packed with both, vehicles looking for parking spaces and people pushing JUMBO sized carts of purchased goods. After a few moments we secured a parking spot, flashed our membership cards for entry then loaded some candy into the shopping cart before cruising the store for free samples.5028bc3429dbb.jpeg

Perhaps you’ve heard about Costco’s legendary free samples? There are countless jokes on social media about how people go the warehouse for a free lunch. Two elderly men even got into a fight over Costco samples! Read about it here The highlight of Igor and Michael’s shopping trip were the free samples; chicken skewers and humus, southwestern burrito bowl, and vegetarian lasagna . I think it was just enough food to get them trough the checkout line and back to the office for thier real lunch.


I finished my work for the day and headed home to dress the dog and myself into costume before loading the goods into the car. I made it to the school a few minutes after 7 to meet my sister at her car. We could hear the tick-tock of the distant metronome while 200 marching band students continued to practice on the football field. As the kids practiced the adults were busy decorating their spaces to entertain the revelers who would soon be arriving.

Trunk or Treat night for the RUHS Marching Band was a success. The kids were very appreciative of all the hard work put in for them. I even have candy leftover to pass out to trick-or-treaters tomorrow. My “Be back soon” note was never read because the contractor never showed up. Needless to say the phantom countertops have yet to make an appearance.

I’ve just about caught up on my work for today which means that I can go home soon and finish my costume for tomorrow.

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Halloween!


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