“Me Time”

Fall has grown to be my favorite time of year. Even though where I live I don’t get to witness the leaves changing color or feel the crispness in the air as temperatures dip. I do get to see Venus in the fall night sky nearly every night. Maybe fall is special to me because it’s a good time to reflect about the year behind me. It might also be the warm feeling of appreciation and gratitude for life’s harvest. I’m not sure I can narrow it down to one thing but what I do know is that fall makes me happy.

I spent the evening climbing ladders, crawling in dark closets and sorting through various fall home decorations. I also baked pumpkin cinnamon rolls AND chocolate chip cookies! The sweet fragrance of baked goods wafted through the air as I fiddled with arranging lights outside in between baking batches of cookies. With confused looks on their faces the dogs watched my multitasking frenzy as I raced against the oven timer to get as much done before I had to run inside and save cookies from burning. This was my way of slowing down and removing the pressure of daily life to enjoy life in the moment.

This was my way of practicing self-care, self-care is essential for happiness. It was a time to just be, recharge and reset in my own way. Time to ourselves gives space for self-discovery, allows time for deep thinking, improves our concentration and reboots our brains.

Ditch the Guilt! Remember that taking care of yourself keeps you from burning out, which helps you be a better partner, parent, child and friend.

5 Alone Time Tricks

1.) Wake up 30 minutes earlier than the rest of your household. If making time for yourself is hard, do it early in the day while you have more willpower to stick to your goals.

2.) If you have an office door, close it.

3.) Temporarily unplug from your gadgets.

4.) Take your lunch break in a park.

5.) Make monthly dates with yourself.

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