Ed Sheeran: 2018 North American Stadium Tour CENTURYLINK FIELD

It was a mild dash to the hotel after exploring Pike Street. I quickly changed clothes, refreshed my perfume and ditched my purse before heading back out. Alas, I was on my way to see Ed Sheeran!  I drove back over Lake Washington through the woods, changed highways somewhere in the middle and then I was at my exit, Union Street.

The streets were busy as many made their way from parking garages or other areas to the stadium. I was surprised to see that the demographic of Ed Sheeran fans was so vast. The sun was still out but not surprisingly hiding behind the clouds. I was loving the Seattle weather! The line for entry into the concert was very efficient and before I knew it I was inside of the fast filling venue.

Ed Sheeran seems to be such a humble guy who truly has talent. When it was time for him to take the stage it was only him, his guitar and a loop pedal as he performed to a sold out crowd. He sounded nervous when he spoke to the crowd in between songs but as the night progressed he eased right into everything like he was born to do this. Every song of his could easily be a #1 hit. The guy was even funny! He joked about how many guys wonder why the heck he was on Game Of Thrones anyways. Jealous much?

He poked fun at himself saying that he was gifted with talent to make up for his physical appearance. His humor was lighthearted and made the audience laugh. I’m sure that he’s well aware that looks are superficial and that it is really is about the whole package. What I mean by saying that is that the good stuff lies in the mind, personality etc. The concert was nothing short of amazing. It was actually so good that I have considered catching his show again in New Orleans on Halloween.gettyimages-850483088-550204a0-b087-43aa-8622-de47500a1db5

I continue to practice playing guitar like Ed not because I want to perform but because it adds to who I am. I’m learning something new, it’s a challenge and it feels amazing each time I learn a new song. I was in a bookstore last night and as I stood in line waiting for my turn to checkout, I saw a magnet with a quote that rang true to me. It said ” Life is not about finding yourself, It’s about creating yourself”.

Go out and create the person you want to be.





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