Friday Night In Seattle

I took a Friday off of work yesterday then took a flight to Seattle for the weekend. I’m in town to attend an Ed Sheeran concert tonight. After connecting in Denver then San Francisco I finally made it to my destination just after 5pm.

After checking into the hotel and changing clothes I hopped into the rental car and made my way to meet a friend at a rooftop bar called The Nest. The hostess stamped the inside of my wrist then I was off to ride an elevator into the sky. The elevator doors opened and music filled the short corridor that lead the way to the  party in the clouds. The drinks were pricey but the views could not be beat.

After enjoying a couple of drinks we made our way to our next stop, a dueling piano bar called Keys On Main. The two pianists played with so much fervor that the crowd remained wild the entire time. From Buck Cherry to Elton John their fingers tickled the ivory as song after song was played.IMG_2945.JPG

Then in between a song change one of the pianists announced a birthday dedication to me as well as dedication to another woman, but I can’t recall what it was for. He also gave instructions for the both of us to get onstage and slow dance together. I was relieved that both pianists rolled into the song and didn’t notice that neither of us went onstage to dance.

As the song ended one of pianists went straight away to playing Nelly’s song It’s Getting Hot In Here as the other guy made  his way towards me to take me onto the stage to dance.

I. was. Moritied! My body went into autopilot because before I knew it I was dancing using one of the only dance moves I knew. I pretended I was a cowgirl twirling her lasso. I continued to twirl my lasso until my lasso landed him. With a tug of my imaginary rope I reeled him in. Thankfully he played along with it. I was thouroughly embarrassed but I had to oblige considering they did play and sing a rendition of Ed Sheeran’s Perfect.

I made it back to the hotel just short of 2 a.m. and immediately fell asleep.



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