Paris Day 2: Louvre and Eiffel Tower

IMG_1400My nap from the day before turned into a 13 hour sleep. I found myself awake at 4 am and feeling pretty rested. I flicked through the photos I took the day before and jotted down a few notes from the experience. After about an hour of writing I went back to sleep for a couple more hours.

A Tour De France tee-shirt purchased from a souvenir shop the day before served as my pajamas. Luckily I had packed an emergency set of clothes and toiletries for a day like this one should my suitcase decide to take its time getting to me. My emergency outfit was not my favorite and I had no way to style my humidity havoc’d coif. My look was as wild as could be but I was in France and the Louvre didn’t care about my appearance.IMG_1412

I opted to walk to the Louvre considering it was only about 3 miles away and the morning weather was cool. The morning stroll probably took me longer than usual because there was so much to see! From one side of a bridge to another there were statues, old buildings, clocks, fountains and numerous other things that fancied my eye.IMG_1419

I made my way through the swarm of tourists speaking different languages and tour guides holding up poles. I must have accidentally photo bombed a million photos on my way to the entrance. My museum pass granted me the privilege of skipping the long entrance line. Before I knew it I was exploring the Egyptian antiquities in the Sully wing.

The Winged Victory Of Samothrace 190 BC

I also visited the Greek antiquities and marveled at the Greek sculptures in wonder at how they could be created with such precision. It made me think of the various mediums of art today and if one day things such as digital art would be displayed in a museum of the future like the Louvre. It doesn’t seem like much of a comparison today but perhaps one day.

After about 6 hours touring the Louvre my dress shoes were telling my feet it was time for a rest. I made it back to the hotel around 5 o’clock to discover my luggage had still not arrived so I lied down for a nap. At nearly 7:30 pm I was wakened by the ringing bedside phone.

A gentleman on the other line spoke in French
“Umm…hold on?”
With a French accent he responded
“Madame, your luggage is here”IMG_1466

New shoes and a new clothes is exactly what I needed. I got ready and headed out to see the Eiffel Tower. I arrived at the Eiffel Tower around 9 pm. The line to go to the top was incredibly long and it was too late in the day to wait. I purchased a sandwich and ate dinner on the grass in the park below as I marveled at the Eiffel Tower.IMG_1527

Somehow I missed the last train. I walked a little over an hour back to the hotel. I carried my long summer dress the entire walk so that it wouldn’t get dirty. My strappy sandals started to feel uncomfortable which made me cranky the last portion of my walk. I made it to the room just after 1 am.

It’s now the following morning. I’m currently standing in a long line atop cobblestones awaiting entrance to the Palace of Versailles.

Needless to say that today I’m wearing tennis shoes.

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