Day 16 Noah and MeiLi’s trip to

I promise that I did not take a nap through Day 16. Updates come over at the oddest of hours then in between my regular work, I put the update together, then send it out. I enjoy every bit of all of it. I love being challenged and prefer to be very busy.

Curt has been very good at sending updates and photos but recently my time has been consumed by many things. We’re all excited here because Curt is on his way back. In the midst of all this we are in the process of moving offices and we’re all striving to get things in order as much as possible. 🙂


“Marissa, Sorry I wrote day recap the following day :). I always wait until the end of the day. I fall asleep and then end up doing it the next evening but I send live pics during the day. Oops….Hard to follow…I know :))”.

A message from MeiLi!!

“Congratulations Zoe and Curt and who is winning? I am proud of you Zoe and Curt.

Day 16

“We arrived the day before and then awoke to this amazing resort that our friend Namisi told us about. I was up at 7:15 am ready to explore Dubai. Zoe got ready and then we headed out at 8 am. Then, WOW! HOLY HOT AND HUMID!! Wow! Nothing like I have ever felt.”

“We walked down to the beach along this massive resort that has 4 huge hotels and canal system-like Venice, Italy. Everything was over the top!!”

“We had the most amazing vanilla latte that was served in an incredible way.”

“We met the nicest concierge named Ilyass from Morocco. He booked us for a 7:30pm to the sail looking hotel which is the only 6 STAR hotel. Then we jumped into a cab and went downtown.”

“We had a mission to visit: world’s tallest building, world’s largest mall, the aquarium in the mall, and the ice rink in the mall. The indoor ski hill was at a different mall.”

“We did some shopping around, we took lots of pictures and then headed back to the resort around 1pm.”

“Ilyass showed us where Visa has a big party set up for the World Cup games and then took us to a restaurant for lunch and to watch the game.”

“FYI- It was too hot to be outside for any amount of time until the sun goes down. After resting we headed to the coolest hotel I have ever seen. We went to the top of the hotel then headed downstairs to eat dinner. It’s amazing!”

“On our walk back to the hotel we found an Irish pub which was fun place to people watch as the fans were enjoying the soccer matches.”

“We got back to the room around 10 pm so we could get ready for our 5am wake up call to catch our flight back to Seattle. It’s a 14 hour flight!”

“It will be sad saying goodbye to Zoe as she heads off to Dallas/Waco. I have an overnight layover in Seattle. I’m happy to meet up with a grade school buddy David who lives in Seattle.”

“Well off we go!! Almost home.”

Daddy and daughter in Dubai.
Lights show the humidity.





Ilyass after he gets off work.


The world’s tallest building..
Our boat ride around the resort.
Our lattes
Woke up early and ready to go.
A little rough in the morning.
Loved Noah’s picture he sent me.

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