Day 14 Noah and MeiLi’s Trek to Everest

An update directly from Curt and Zoe.

Still in Kathmandu

Lodging: Gokarna Forest Resort

Day 14

“Well Zoe and I got up at 7:45 am, packed up, ate breakfast and then met up with our Qatar friends. David left back for Thailand. Zoe and I did some more shopping then we took a taxi to our friend’s hotel. We had coffee and a sandwich ( which was great) then we took a van to the new hotel. It is beautiful it’s called the Gokarna Forrest resort.”

“The resort is very nice for Katmandu! The room included a massage, free dinner and breakfast.  The only issue was we had no A/C because it broke. You take a chance that if you leave the windows open a monkey might come in. We took the chance that they were sleeping and we left the window open.”

“Before that we had a drink and watched a monkey break a mirror. They are bad monkeys:)) We had a great dinner!! Watched the soccer game and then called it a night.”

“We have to say good-bye to our Qatar friends tomorrow morning.”

“The great news is that Angie and Malwina finally made it out of Lukla after 3 days by helicopter. People are still stuck there. Angie and Malwina are coming up to the resort tomorrow to say good-bye to all of us.”

“Zoe and I leave tomorrow for Dubai. We will be there for 2 nights and then leave early the following day.  It is sad leaving Nepal but we’re ready to see Dubai and start the journey home!!”

“Noah and MeiLi did you add up the score on the trek?”

“Miss you all!!”

Bad monkeys 🙂 but cute mommy was not happy I was taking a photo.
Having coffee before we leave for the other hotel in Kathmandu.
Monkey’s right outside our room! Needless to say I was too scared to walk out so I was trapped in the room for about 10 minutes.
They got out of Lukla!! Angie and Malwina!!
Zoe asleep watching a show with her new Qatar friend.
Monkeys wait for us after our massage-bad monkeys 🙂



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