Day 13 Noah and MeiLi’s Trek to Everest

Curt and Zoe spent another night in Kathmandu before they head out to explore Dubai. It sounds like they’re both now well rested and have been enjoying the company of their new friends.

Day 13

“Well yesterday was a great day. Some of our friends headed back home but most stayed. Our 2 trekking friends (Angie and Malwina) are still stuck in Lukla. They couldn’t get a flight or a chopper today…that really sucks.”

“We had a great day and did some shopping in Kathmandu. Spent a total of 5 hours hanging out in 2 different coffee houses sharing stories and learning about different cultures and customs.”

 ” Zoe and I decided not to fly to Pokhara Nepal because we are having too much fun with all of our new friends.”

“We went to watch Mexico beat Germany in the World Cup… was very excited for Mexico. !!”

“We went back to room and re-packed up because we decided to move to a nicer hotel with our buddies from Qatar on day 14. The hotel is about 30 minutes away from town, closer to the airport and less crazy than downtown Kathmandu. The place is called Gokarna Forest resort.”

“Last night after the game we walked back with our friends to the hotel. It was the first time I felt that the streets of Kathmandu can be dangerous at night. I’m glad that there were 3 guys walking with the girls as we outnumbered most of the local groups that seemed a little rough around the edges.”

“Tomorrow we move to different hotel and prepare to leave. OMG the following day we’re off to Dubai.”72b8e35e-e3c3-4899-aff5-489a6c5c317daac75ab8-2483-4557-b8db-aec4eb189eaeacbb84ad-d4e3-4be5-84cb-a8e95e25388822283bad-22d9-46f1-b010-dca52f027917e0fd141c-6b25-4762-816b-6cde84b8d44cb71e73aa-4e88-4de5-a057-34f6f3dc9c3f60218e57-a967-4f7b-8b54-bfbbe9def6ff

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