Noah and MeiLi’s Trek to Everest

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A message from Curt:

A couple of weeks before I was to set out on my trek with my daughter Zoe I met the most amazing family of 7. I had a lengthy conversation with Lisa the matriarch of the bunch. Lisa is an inspiration and her story touched my heart. I immediately felt a tug on my heart and a longing inside of me to help them in any way that I could. The family has suffered numerous hardships as a result of 2 of their 4 children being diagnosed with two different diseases. Noah is 11 years old and has leukemia, MeiLi is 12 years old and has been diagnosed with neurofibromatosis which causes tumors to form in her brain. Sadly there is no cure at this time.

I love connecting people with people. Now, I want to connect the world with this special family. Many choose to get a helicopter ride into base camp in order to avoid the multi day trek to get there. I know that this trek to Mount Everest Base Camp will probably be the most physically and mentally difficult event of my life.  I wanted and needed a bigger reason to do this. I found my reason in Noah and MeiLi.

I’m already witnessing great things happen in my hometown while I’m away. The feeling I get from hearing of this is indescribable that I already feel like the winner in this situation.  As parents ourselves, my lovely wife and I really connected with Lisa and Jonathan when we heard their story because we can see our children in theirs.

I’ve set up a GO FUND ME called Noah & MeiLi’s Trek To Everest to raise money to assist the family. As you can imagine having 2 children with 2 diseases that require regular hospital visits and treatment has taken a huge financial toll on them. They don’t complain as they are humble beyond belief. The goal is to raise as much as possible and I’m gladly matching up to $5000 towards the ultimate goal. If you are able then I hope that you will please find it in your heart to donate. 100% of the money donated will go to the family.

I also kindly request that you please help me get the word out and share this so we can reach people all over the planet that we call home. I already feel like the winner by the family letting me into their lives. Their smiles melt my heart and remind me of the true importance in life.

Thank you Noah and MeiLi! GO TEAMS!


Curt and Zoe

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