Time Gone By

It’s just before 7 pm on a Tuesday night as I sit patiently awaiting my niece’s name to be called so she can walk the stage in recognition of  successfully completing middle school to move onto high school. A sideshow projected the images of 8th graders to show how they progressed through the school year. As my mind wandered beneath the stars that were now starting to twinkle above I couldn’t help but think how cliché but true that the older we get the faster the days seem to slip away from us. The seasons are going to be changing soon and before we know it half of the year would have gone by.

It’s been so long since I’ve written anything here. The reason for that has been that it seems life to has gotten in the way. I’ve spent so many hours working that by the time I get home I have to choose what I’d like to spend my little free time on. Most of the time it’s either running on the treadmill or practicing playing music but there are those days when I just need to turn the tv on and veg out.

Where has the time gone? I took a few moments to take note of what I’ve accomplished so far this year. I also took note of what I have NOT yet accomplished in addition I’ve observed how certain plans have changed. I’ve had 2 great business meetings that allowed me make some good professional connections in Newport Beach and Las Vegas. I’ve grown in my career and am excited to take this in a direction to allow for more growth. On the downside, I have not yet settled into a regular routine of running nor have I given up. I’m determined and it will happen. Plans changed because this was the year I planned to hike to Mt Everest base camp but it turns out that I’m unable to go this year. My friend/boss is going to hike to base camp in a couple of weeks. With help of some of us here staying behind in the U.S. we hope to chronicle his journey to raise money and awareness for childhood leukemia.


In a nutshell I’ve been busy. I prefer it that way although tonight I’m really feeling the workload take its toll on me. I have some new adventures coming up that I’m looking forward to. I’m sure there will be some hurdles at my path because that is life. A good friend told me today that I sometimes put unwarranted pressure on myself. I shall practice going with the flow in continuation of making 2018 a year that I grow as person.

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