Cooking Turkey Burgers in High Heels

Since it was so late by the time I got home.  I opted to not change clothes or shoes. That’s right, I’m making dinner in a dress and high heels just like those Stepford ladies. Not because I want to but because I have to. I had an appointment after work then I stopped at the grocery store to buy groceries to make dinner.

It would have been so much easier to pick up takeout but since I’m on a new diet I’ve been spending more time food prepping and cooking. It was 7 o’clock as I unloaded the grocery bags from the trunk of my car. I hooked as many grocery bags onto my arms like they were fashion accessories. I placed the placed the bags on the counter and got to cooking right away as I put away groceries in between.

It was eight 8 o’clock by the time I was able to have dinner. I ran on the treadmill and did some reading before calling it a night.

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  1. No apron? A true Stepford wife would’ve worn an apron. 😉 I’ve been so hungry after working late, that I’m still in my winter coat and boots in front of the stove. Not a good look for me. 😉

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    1. You are welcome! Another busy evening which is normal for me. I was hoping to get around to playing some music this evening but not sure if that will happen. I have all the usual stuff to do and just remembered that I mustn’t forget to water the new flowers I planted. The weather is warming up and they haven’t been watered since Monday. They looked a little sad on my way to work this morning but I had to no time to water them at that moment.

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      1. We are getting rain now so my summer of watering the back yard is over til about November. The owners of my place want me to stay there at least another 2 years too so it’s good to be able to plan.
        You got gigs planned or are there any local bands that you follow?
        I went to see a friend’s band last week and they were supported by another band I know whom I like.
        Retrieved my backup guitar from the Bard’s place last week too.
        Definitely tell me what bands I should be checking out

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      2. They must like you and you must take good care of the place for them to ask you to stay 2 more years.
        Do I have gigs planned? Oh geez no. I give free concerts to the dogs nearly every night.
        I don’t follow any local bands probably because I just don’t have a lot of time. What is the Bard’s place?

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      3. Catching up with a mate tonight who reckons he’s going to Arizona in the next month. The bloke is mad though. We don’t know if he’s coming or going lately. He did a lot of acid when he was young. Looks normal. Intelligent. When he tells of his 96 trips in one year a lot of things make more sense.

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    1. Hmmm…
      You’re funny. Spoke to him before. Cancelled dinner but a few things to take care of before he goes. I don’t think I will be getting his V8 German car though…
      I guess we are all psychonauts or ex stunt toxicologists.
      Anyway would much rather hear what you are doing. Any films I should watch?


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