The Women Of Black Panther

IMG_7888I rarely do this but I’m going to nerd out a bit over Black Panther. Typically I’m not a Marvel or DC fan because (with exception of Deadpool, Thor and Guardians) I feel there are so many movies, characters and plots going on that I tend to get overwhelmed with the useless (so sorry) information. I tend to not retain even a shard of what happened. So anytime there is a Marvel or DC movie I opt to watch it in a theater with comfy seats so that I can catch a nice snooze. My plan for Black Panther was exactly that but was I so wrong!

I thought the movie was very good as it had me captivated and interested the entire time from beginning to end. From the opening credits to the final scene I enjoyed watching every moment as the story unfolded. I was so captivated by the strong intelligent women, they made the movie powerful for me. The 3 women Nakia, Okoye and Shuri played by Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira and Leticia Wright were nothing short of BADASS! It is my opinion that the Black Panther would not be the “super” hero he is without the help of these incredible ladies. Nakia acted as the moral compass, Okoye as the brawn and my favorite Shuri as the brains. The women were beautiful but that’s not what made their roles stand out. They stood apart from the rest because of the power that was within each one of them as opposed to the physical outer shell.

My personal favorite was Shuri, T’Challa’s little sister because she is fiercely intelligent, witty and has an incredible fashion sense!

You will find that there is a bigger message in the movie and We are all one tribe. I choose love.

“We all know the truth-more connects us than separates us.” We must find a way to look after one another as if we are one tribe.”IMG_7887


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      1. Probably made sense at the time?? Hot and muggy here. Raining a bit now though still humid. Public transport infrastructure is broken and badly maintained. A gamble if I will get home.

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      2. Thank you too 😽 All good. Not a big city by international standards. A bit over 4 million. Easy to get around.
        Just had breakfast with a mate who looks like going over Arizona way. He’s a generation above me and already had a pretty big career.
        Australians tend to stay around LA if they’re younger. A girlfriend of mine tried to get into film in LA years ago. I think she had a few roles in a few films. I find a lot of those scenes full of more talk than action… most of it piss and hot air. I don’t often waste my time talking to many of their friends. It’s always the same sycophantic conversation pretending to be the opposite with booze thrown on top. Conservative is the new punk sort of thing


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