Runaway-Kanye West

Love or loathe Kanye there is no denying that the man is talented. It’s been unusually cold and rainy here the last couple of days which was fitting for the song I was hooked on today. He has a way of bringing order to chaos.

There is beauty and genius in this song with the combination of explicitly sad lyrics and the classically beautiful simplicity of piano and cello. Kanye tells a story, perhaps of himself which one might believe according to what we read in the tabloids. In his own words it could be expressing what it is like to be someone who is hurt, lost and never satisfied. Someone who seems to self sabotage and make excuses to justify the behavior.

The ballerinas in the video represent grace and beauty in accepting who you are. The music heard with our ears is a contrast to the visuals we see with our eyes. The lyrics are the mindset of a person who is aware of his destructive behavior and how he is perceived by others. That mindset is dark, ugly, twisted and despite being aware that the actions are wrong he can’t seem to be any other way. The music video is a fascade about beauty and the finer things perhaps also a symbol of what is perceived as “good”. Ballerinas beautifully perform showing perfection in their bodies and dance. Polished guests sit at a table that is as meticulously set as is their appearance. It is an image of perceived perfection when in reality a facsade that is unveiled when the perfect guests raise their glasses to toast.

We see perfection in the performance but hear destruction in the lyrics. The musical accompaniment is minimalist possibly to tone down the hard-to-swallow lyrics. Just like there is attraction to the good girls equally he is pulled by the temptation of that which he knows leads to self-destruction and pain. The same way the guests at the dining table seem to be the image of perfection and beauty they toast to acknowledge that they are neither perfect.

Maybe the big picture is that the toast is the admittance that on some level or another we’ve all made mistakes. We’re human and we’ve messed up not all of us in the same way that Kanye gives examples of but perhaps we’ve let someone else or ourselves down. The ballerinas are the beauty of a future that possibly lies ahead if we follow their example and take a step foreward with true acceptance of who we are and towards beauty and grace.

The people who toast are those that are aware and if one is aware then there is hope that one can learn from their setbacks whatever they may be.

This is just my interpretation of Kanye’s Runaway.

This is Kanye’s artistic expression and if you ask me, I think it’s rather genius.

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