Making Music


I really like the people I work with. We’re an interesting bunch of characters with various talents whom together are invincible. One July day Ben and I started writing a poem on the whiteboard in my office. We took turns adding lines to it all of which related to work. We then came up with a brilliant idea of writing a song. We create music to alleviate stress because some days can be so brutal.

Whenever we have a few moments to spare, we take the whiteboard out of hiding so that we can continue to brainstorm ideas for our first album.

We became friends with a client of ours who is currently single. Being the matchmaker that I am I thought it would be a good idea to introduce him to my single colleague. She politely declined because he wasn’t exactly the firefighter she was looking for but we already had a great song in the works so we’re continuing with that.

She wasn’t interested so I never brought it up to him but Narciso is now the basis of a song that we’ve been writing. Why Narciso? Because his name is fun to say!

1.) Narciso- This song is about a love that could have been between a 60 something cowboy and an Oro Valley blonde.

2.) Aye Yay Yay- This song is about a rejected offer between two stubborn parties. It’s sort of modern-day stand off and duel. The weekend following this song the seller came down in price and the buyer came up in price and they lived happily ever after.

I have to disclose that we are all independent contractors therefore we are not in violation of any company policies. We do this for leisure after hours when clients are not around and we can just be ourselves.






Today we took out the music and spent a little time together since I won’t see them tommorow. Be good, comarades or at least hold down the fort until I get back!

Love, me


P.S. When all else fails just ask Ben to dance! 👌😜

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