I See An Adventure On The Horizon

Hello everyone! I’m in the works of putting my first adventure of the new year together and it brings me so much excitement! Now, let me get on with it….

I have a 3 day weekend coming up which for me means an opportunity to do something new. I currently have an infatuation with Iceland in conjunction with seeing the Aurora Borealis. Witnessing the Aurora Borealis has been a lifelong desire and it used to be that I HAD to see the Northern Lights from the Arctic Circle but due to work and current time constraints it turns out that I can’t have my cake and eat it too; so I’ll settle for seeing the Aurora Borealis from Alaska. Anchorage actually or just outside of Anchorage in February.

I’ve been posting some of my travel photos on Instagram and have been following some amazing travelers who post some really epic pics. My photography skills don’t begin to compare to most of the people who I follow on Instagram but for me it’s about the experience not necessarily the need to share it on social media although if I’m able to capture a half decent picture then I’m absolutely going to share it for all to see.

Also influencing my desire to visit a location to witness this natural phenomena was a short film called Under an Arctic Sky. It gave me the last nudge that I needed to make the decision to go. The little voice in my head said “Marissa, if not now then when?”.  The short film followed photographer Chris Burkard, filmmaker Ben Weiland and a crew of surfers to surf along the frozen shores of Iceland. The story was inspiring and visually amazing. Imagine the sight of surfers trampling beaches of white snow in pursuit of catching a wave. Just WOW!

Although it’s not Iceland (yet) I am going on an adventure to try to see the Northern Lights. From what I’ve read I’m going at the right time and traveling to one of the ideal spots in Alaska. I know that it’s a long distance for such a short trip but those aren’t deal breakers for me. I’ll be doing something that I’ve always to do and doing it in a way that currently works with my circumstances. Why put off for another day what can be accomplished today? “Divide and conquer”, I always say. As in a Julius Caesar way not the binary search algorithm.

I’m from Arizona and have lived here my entire life so I’m used to a desert climate. Although I have travelled to a number of places I’ve only experienced real snowfall once in my life when I traveled to Indiana to watch a Notre Dame football game which resulted in me listening (as opposed to watching live) to the second half of a Notre Dame football game from the heated womans restroom. In theory I suppose my cold weather experience wasn’t too bad because I’m willing to experience something a little more extreme than my first introduction to real cold weather.

In the meantime I have lots to learn about photography in order to optimize my chance at taking a halfway decent photo of nature in all its glory and I also need to go through my closet to take inventory of what kind of cold weather clothes I own to pack  for my getaway. I don’t think skirts with tights and high heels will work this time.

If by any chance you have any advice whatsoever to enlighten me with then please share! I happily welcome it.

How far would you go?

23 thoughts on “I See An Adventure On The Horizon

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  1. Brilliant. Please post about it. Am adventuring very soon. Several stops along the way.
    All I can hear is that song from Flick of the Switch or was it Fly on the wall… Back in Business 😈😈

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      1. Yep… gonna be running for take off. When I got that before… funding just got pulled on something. Telling the truth and sticking to our guns can sometimes be very inconvenient for some

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      1. Yep. Went to a ball game at Candlestick park in 93. Went into San Francisco from Nevada through Death Valley. Grand Canyon blew my mind

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  2. I loved it. Was only 17 and couldn’t get a drink though. My father was responsible for probably the biggest Coca-Cola sponsorship contract in Australia back then so I was well looked after. We grew up doing business with other American families and I have long been a fan of good Americans. Fashionable for people to blame you guys for things lately yet every Yank I’ve known growing up have be wonderful, gracious, and friendly. We can often forget the character assets held by people.
    Growing up a good sportsman and martial artist I love baseball. Traditional game for the stand-up American man

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    1. Wow. That’s very interesting thank you for sharing. We do have baseball although I believe spectator attendance has been dwindling. I have not been to Candlestick Park myself but I hear it’s a really neat ball park. I appreciate the kind words about the authenticity of individuals. It’s unfortunate when things are unjustly labeled as whole.


      1. I think they knocked down Candlestick a while ago. I follow the Diamondbacks anyway. I do own a ball though with all the autographs of the world series Baltimore team. A very close friend of mine briefly went out with a sports journalist from West Virginia and he wanted to get on my good side so he could keep talking shit to her. The ball is authentic though.
        My friend is with a fantastic guy now. Over here you got to barrack for the red and black. Essendon Football Club.
        Next time I see the grand canyon I will go down into it. Mother nature at her most raw

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      2. Interesting…very interesting. When you say football you mean soccer, right? Or I mean not American football. I’m happy to hear that your friend is with a fantastic guy now. Perhaps you might ride a donkey down the narrow passage to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. So, tell me about Australia or better yet write something and share it.


      3. We run a lot… or at least if we play properly. 18 from each side on the ground at a time. Full contact like your football though the politically correct and money addicted are stopping that. They will eventually get the genetically weakest to run the whole society. They are claiming to be behind feminism now but these are the people who turned my father out and savaged my mother when my father did work for Hazel Hawke back then for women in sport. In fact they referred to the women as dykes and went to the toilet for 2 hours when my old man presented. Anyway, now these people see a dollar in work we suffered for back then.
        Still I am 42, have been destroyed, and can still stand on the toes of any would be semi professional they have sent at me around the clubs


      4. I refuse to be paid. I want a good fight. That is pay enough. Doing the right thing. My non drinking and drugging horrified. I must be cute because a lot of the ladies give me the thumbs up. Years of being medicated for other people’s unreliability has put sex out of my world. Hence I love to run and carry, and stick up for people being forced upon. Blessed be

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      5. Thank you for the lengthy response you were very thorough and have lots to share. That is unfortunate but it sounds like you’ve found a way to try and balance out some of the negativity. You should feel accomplished thank you for being kind. So, I had to look up Australian football and it looks like a fierce game. Did you play?


      6. Thanks for that. A bit down atm… up and down sometimes. Sometimes I think too much. The world can be alienating sometimes. People like me quite often and I tend to want to avoid getting close to anyone. The people who understand the least about the loss of a sibling and close friends in formative years are the armchair experts making a nice material living from having good memories on the subject and little empathy. I don’t mind if they had no experience… it would just be nice if they could honestly admit it and not spend years treating it like a game. My brother warned me about those kind of people when I was 16. In his 22 years he did more for me than any of them.

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  3. So sorry you’re feeling down. Don’t think too much because it gives you wrinkles. Don’t think about what you can’t control. I read somewhere and you probably have too that if you’re feeling down then you’re thinking about the past, if anxious then you’re thinking about the future. You’ll be at peace when you live in the moment. It’s easier said than done, I know and I also know that you might say it’s not true that worrying causes wrinkles. So in case you were going to search for the truth about wrinkles don’t worry I already Googled it and it appears the jury is still out on that one. The internet is where all the truth lies so no need to think any further on that topic. I am sincerely sorry about your loses. I can’t offer any words of comfort other than I’m sorry because I’ve not not experienced that myself but I appreciate you sharing and by doing so their memory lives on. The up and downs of life, maybe we all get them and sometimes more so for some than others. Would the “ups” exist if we didn’t have the “downs”?


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