Bono Inspired Me To Cut My Hair

It was 3 o’clock on a Tuesday as 8 co-workers (friends) piled into a rented van en route to watch U2 bring the Joshua Tree back to the desert. Crystal and I had known about the concert for months but it was only the week before that a decision to go was made final. Crystal and I work together and have become close friends. I pitched the idea to my boss as a “team building opportunity” and as luck would have it I read his mood correctly and he agreed!

Immediately upon U2 taking the stage the crowd stood and sang for the duration of the performance.The concert was AMAZING! Bono, The Edge, Adam and Larry all looked older but the sound and the music was still there. You could feel that their hearts were very much in each note played or sung as the energy passed through every inch of our beings.

For the eight of us sitting in my row almost center stage the concert was going to hold a special meaning for each of us. Midway through the concert my boss shimmied past bodies to give me a hug and thank me for bringing us to the concert. He told me that the music meant more to him because this was a band from his time. I could tell by the way the rest of us swayed, smiled and shed tears that we were each going to walk away with something special.

A poem about kindness scrolled on the ginormous screens pre-concert and as the concert progressed the undertones, images and songs conveyed messages of equality, dreams, an appreciation for women, eliminating hate, unity and love. It occurred to me that I was approaching a 1 year anniversary of some personal goals I set for myself causing me to smile in contentment as I realized that many of the goals have been obtained.

There will always be circumstances in life that are beyond our control and the key to figuring things out in order to move forward lies in our ability to react. Things happen for a reason and we must choose to keep moving forward in a positive direction. My journey will always move forward in a positive way because I am both confident and strong. Moving forward also means letting go of old ways in order to open the door for opportunity.

The positive experience of the concert lingered with me so I made an appointment for a haircut yesterday after work. I trimmed away the dead ends from my long hair. As the worn ends of my hair fell to the floor I imagined it was all the negativity in my life up to this point that no longer served me any good. I asked the stylist to give me bangs to integrate a new feature into the refreshed existing style. It was a little difficult to say “yes” when she asked if I was sure I wanted bangs. It was only difficult because I feared change.

Thank you Bono for teaching me that the first step towards positive change starts within.

The crowd sang “Pride (In The Name Of Love)” this evening not to assist Bono but to become part of the legion of the furious and faithful, to keep alive the promise of America that many have forgotten. He wanted to keep us a nation that is tolerant and faithful. Jason Keil


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