End of Summer in Cancún




For the last three years I’ve been fortunate enough to celebrate my birthday at a beach destination. First it was Honolulu, Hawaii then Key West, Florida and this year Cancún, Mexico. If I had to vote on my favorite beach I would have to say for me it’s Cancún. All 3 are beautiful in their own way but there’s something about the turquoise waters and white sand beaches of this Mexican city on the Yucatán Peninsula that I just love.

My career is in real estate as a licensed real estate agent and contract negotiator. My days are long and filled with making the impossible possible. I really enjoy what I do but every now and then I need to unplug and unwind so as you can imagine Cancún was calling my name.

After a day of flying which included a run through LAX to catch a connecting flight I arrived in Cancún just after 5 p.m. with a smile on my face and a Quintana Roo stamp in my passport. A 25 minute shuttle ride later  I was at my resort being greeted with smiling faces and an opportunity to practice my Spanish.

The resort was all-inclusive which meant food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and entertainment were included with my stay.  After dinner I felt that I just needed to visit the beach that was just steps away from me. Night had fallen and the moon reflected on ocean beyond the waters of the Caribbean as lightning lit up the distant storm clouds. I sat on the soft white sand and just soaked it all in. I was living in the moment which doesn’t happen too often and I was loving it.

In addition to travel I have a passion for fashion so a trip to the mall at Kukulcan Plaza was must for me. I found and purchased the most amazing silk lemon citrus colored dress I could imagine and it didn’t break the bank! After shopping  I walked over to Marlin Beach and then back to the private beach at the resort where I spent the rest of the day sipping on piña coladas, playing in the surf and soaking up plenty of vitamin D.

I had plans to get my first massage ever on the beach on my last day there but Mother Nature had different plans as she decided to storm most of the day. I don’t get to experience many thunderstorms because I live in the desert so when they occur  I find them fascinating. So instead of venturing out to the beach I practiced playing some Pearl Jam on my ukulele as I enjoyed the storm from the balcony and inside the room. The howl of the wind, the sound of the crashing waves and thunder were rather wonderful.

My 3 night stay in Cancún was more amazing than I could have ever wished for. If you have not been to Cancún and are looking for an affordable beach destination then I recommend Cancún. The beaches are stunning and there are plenty of affordable places to stay. If you book an all-inclusive resort then you won’t have to spend  a lot of money while at the resort.

Hasta la proxima vez. ¡Te amo Cancùn!






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