Honolulu As Seen Through My Eyes

Hawaii a volcanic archipelago in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and the 50th state for Americans.  A 7 hour flight from LAX will get you to a place that many call paradise.

A Bayan tree absorbing the rays of the setting sun. 415e7c929bc84bd398903c4ea7750838

A Hawaiian suset.801e921e7d094addba05514c64244b89

A quaint public park with a spectacular view.420ad8858deb481aad5e2237c6573000

Hawaiian tiki godcb0719da18864d90bd042dc0c33c4ccc

Shopping in Waikiki864b608f52154f77bc49a943d75d7269

Shores of Waikiki Beach 1fcc638b3aeb42ffaf4d6eaf8423c456

Surfboards line the walkway unknowingly symbolizing the transition from urban jungle to nature’s wonder.5a0149a870d744ed8d41c72682a2bda7

The fertile earth of the Dole Plantation.6cef7ce011dc469193915c949457a5e6

Making memories90be07d9663640fdbbb7dcb4e2f57634

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